Cyber Security and its Impact on the Economy, Technologies and Military

For the next twenty-years, cyber security and its impact on technology, the economy, and military will be the focus of our innovative efforts. Each area has its own challenges. It is impossible to cover them all and give each the respect they deserve. But I will try to bring out some topics of interest. You can decide which one is more important, or which are equal in balance. Let’s first look at Merriam-Webster’s definition of cyber security. It states that “cybersecurity” refers to measures taken to secure a computer or computer network (as found on the Internet) from unauthorized access or attacks. How does this impact the discussion’s three main topics: technology, economics and military DrawBridge

Let’s first look at how cyber security is used within the economy. My extensive experience working with computers, networks and systems, as well as software and financial processes, allows me to provide a solid analysis of the impact technology has on the economy. I have done personal research on how technology complements financial processes in 21st century. Also, how Cyber Security plays an important part in the day-to-day business of banks. I believe that companies cannot get loans if there aren’t viable programs within their company. This is to ensure all financial and information transactions are protected from unauthorized access to delivery. All transactions are encrypted, including all deposits and withdrawals from business accounts. Every transaction in banking that is digitized for Cyber Security purposes must be present. This is because you need current technology and economic processes to make it work. Technology is my second point.

While technology is essential for Cyber Security, you need solid processes to ensure that they both work well. It is impossible to connect your technology to a system without knowing the process or end result you desire in order to deliver Cyber Security. There are many options available, including hardware systems, software applications, and web services that can meet all your Cyber Security requirements. Understanding the needs of the user, the information they wish to protect, the methods they prefer to use to access their information, the access they would like to be granted to their data, by whom and how, and the monitoring and security of that information is key. For the user, this list can go on and on. When you consider where you want to go, the dynamics of setting up Cyber Security technology can be quite intense. While all aspects mentioned before, such as web services, hardware, software and software, can meet the above requirements, ultimately it is about the end user and the cost. The military is my final point.

Cyber Security and the military are a major area of innovation and concern. This area is driven only by the Defense Budget. It looks like the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012. will finally give it its due. This effort was funded mostly from baseline efforts in the past decade because it is difficult to justify information technology cuts while increasing the cost of Cyber Security acquisitions. This program is so important that information on the Internet, unclassified networks, and other networks used by both the Federal Government and Department of Defense have become so vital to protect, funding has been made a top priority for President Obama. The military is now involved in unprecedented efforts to protect our classified and unclassified systems. This includes protecting against viruses, malware, and exfiltrations to ensure that critical information does not fall into the hands of people or nations that could cause us harm. Cyber Security is essential to all of our weapons systems and any other system that requires information for a decision. That is why it is a priority for our military. Any nation could suffer grave consequences if it has the information they need.

Cyber Security is the result of a combination of several technologies that has grown into a global phenomenon that will allow information to be sent securely anywhere there is bandwidth. One time, I told a general that we will achieve our goal if I can send you a signal from an outhouse in desert while I am in a cave deep in the Amazon jungle sending photos and email. He laughed, but it was only a few years ago. We’re now past that point, I think.

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