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Make Money Taking Surveys is really tuned in to the needs of their customers.

It’s run by Lauren Mitchell and she relates really well to people who are new to taking surveys for money. She takes you by the hand and leads you, step by step, through how to get hundreds of survey requests a week.

She shows new survey takers how to get profitable really fast. The member’s area is streamlined and easy to understand. She also makes the process of registering with the survey companies as easy and fast as possible. She gives down-to-earth tips and techniques for finding the best and highest paying surveys. She also tells you how to fill out the registration forms in such a way that will make you a more attractive prospect for the survey companies.

She has one of the longest lists of survey companies I’ve seen: The list has 292 companies and we found zero broken links. She also updates her site often with new bonuses and incentives. In fact, some of the bonuses are even better than the list of survey companies Best Product

That’s the thing that amazed us most about this site – the long list of extras she provides. The mysterious thing is that she doesn’t even tell you that you’re going to get these bonuses. You only see them after you buy the service. (who knows, maybe we’re giving away a secret here? But we can’t figure out why she wouldn’t want you to know about the free bonuses). Once we bought a membership, we were amazed to find that she was giving away 5 other money-making programs that other people are charging lots of money for: The Photo Wealth System, The Write at Home System, Get Paid to Drive Your Car, Get Paid to Shop and Eat at Your Favorite Places, and Get Paid to Read Emails. We felt like it was Christmas morning!


As an example, if you do four surveys a day, at $10 per survey, you can make $280 per week, $1120 a month, or $13,440 a year!
Quit your job and work your own hours from home, being your own boss!
Pay off your mortgage or your credit card debt
Start your own business – part-time or full time – without taking financial risk
Global opportunity to make real money from the comfort of your own home
Our Verdict:
“OK we know – this one just sounds too good to be true, but we’re telling you – it’s all in the deal, and it all stacks up. We’d suggest grabbing this opportunity before Lauren (owner) figures out she can sell all those products separately.”


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